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FruVe’ is making health and balance accessible to Chicagoans on the go. The juicery creates nutrient  rich, organic, fresh cold press juices, smoothies, cleanses, salads, soups, paninis and acai bowls for those looking for a healthy alternative to fuel their bodies. “After traveling to numerous juice bars around the world, the lack of nutrient rich juice shops at home in Chicago became apparent” says FruVe’ co-founder Dominique Dunn. “As a result, we created Chicago’s first juicery that is truly passionate about helping others achieve optimum health by educating and providing all organic, fresh, and nutrient rich ingredients you crave.”
FruVe’s cold pressed juices are packed with antioxidants, raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fresh and organic fruits and vegetables making it possible to hydrate and fill your body with wholesome nutrients. By using the cold press technique, FruVe’ ensures that each bottle of juice contains the highest yield of juice and nutrients possible; each bottle of juice contains the equivalent of 3 to 4 pounds of produce. Through a variety of grasses and sprouts, FruVe’ is able to create amazing elixirs with tremendous medicinal benefits. As well, serving seasonal, all natural, raw, never pasteurized, organic ingredients, FruVe’ keeps the nutritional value of all menu items intact.
“We are offering unique ingredients such as SugarCane grass, Barley Grass, Sunflower and Alfalfa Sprouts, bee pollen, raw algae, coconut cream and E3 Live accessible in one place” says co-founder Sayyed Binwalee. “We want to ensure that FruVe’s customers can receive their daily nutritional goals easily at a one stop shop and in a delicious way”. Step up to the stainless steel counter and watch FruVe’s master juicers in action or stop by the refrigerator for easy quick grab-and-go options. FruVe’ xPress Juicery’s menu will change seasonally. For more information please visit www.fruvexpressjuicery.com. Make sure to follow FruVe’ on Twitter and Instagram @FruVe_xPress and like FruVe’ on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fruvexpress

Disclaimer : FruVé xPress Juicery advises to seek professional (medical) advice prior to any new regimen. FruVé xPress Juicery is not a medical organization and FxJ nor its employees and/ or staff can give any medical or diagnosis. Any/ All information taken form FruVé xPress Juicery shall not be interpreted as a substitute for medical advice or a Doctors consultation, evaluation or treatment.